A base application template for an AngularJS single page application, with gulp build tasks and test runner.

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This is a simple application template. There is a very bare bones single page AngularJS 1.5 application, written with ES2015. It includes UI-Router, UI-Bootstrap, and Angular-Block-UI. The build process utilizes many separate GulpJS tasks doing everything from compiling a stylesheet from custom LESS to transpiling the ES2015 with Babel, to pulling it all together with Browserify and gulp-usemin, sourcemaps and all.


All app source is located in the 'src' directory at the root of this project. All gulp tasks are located in the 'gulp/tasks' directory. When built, final code resides in the 'dist' directory.

Get Up And Running

  • Download the template via the zip file download
  • At a command line prompt, run 'bower install'
  • At a command line prompt, run 'npm install' (use sudo if necessary)
  • At a command line prompt, run 'npm start' (use sudo if necessary)

The 'npm start' command will run the default 'gulp' task, building the project from source and starting a local node server on port 8080.

Running 'gulp test' will run jasmine tests located in the 'src' directory.